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Welcome to Belize!  Mother Nature's Best Kept Secret is just a ride away, and Valdez Shuttle Service is here to offer you just that.  Whether you will be enjoying heart racing jungle tours or enjoying a canoe ride down our swooshing rivers, we can take you from the Belize International Airport (PGIA/BZE) to there.  Valdez Shuttle Belize specializes in taking you to your inland destination , from intriguing Maya temples in San Ignacio and surrounding areas to the pristine Caribbean Sea in Hopkins or Placencia, we'll make sure you get there on time, with comfort, and oh yes! Within your budget.

Valdez Shuttle Belize offers shuttle service for couples or groups, to these destinations and more...

We'll make sure you get to the doorsteps of your hotel or accommodation.  Want to stop and take it all in?  Sure! no problem at all.  We can stop anywhere you like, as we know how enjoyable the scenery can be.    Its your time to enjoy Belize and we want to help you make the best of it.  Feel free to look around or book a shuttle if you know where your'e going.  Enjoy your stay and be sure to come back to Belize!

Belize Shuttle to San Ignacio

Belize Shuttle service to San Ignacio can be booked daily with Valez Shuttle. We pickup at time of guest arrival and drop-off at guest hotel/resort withing San Ignacio town.

Belize Shuttle to Placencia

Belize Shuttle to Placencia village from either the Belize International Aiport or Belize water taxi terminals. The shuttle to Placencia village is 3.5 hours drive one way.

Belize Shuttle to Hopkins

Belize shuttle to Hopkins village is a 2.5 hour drive through the southern mountains of Belize. Our service to Hopkins starts from the Airport, Water Taxis, or San Ignacio to name a few.

Belize Shuttle to Dangriga

Belize shuttle service to Dangriga a two hour drive down the southern highway. We provide competitive rates for minimum of 2 persons one way all taxes included. Dangriga located on the southern coast of Belize.

San Ignacio to Placencia Shuttle

Going from San Ignacio to Placencia can be hassling via the bus system at times. Having to switch bus at least three times makes getting a Belize shuttle easier, faster, and more convenient. Pickup and drop-off at your hotel/resorts.

San Ignacio to Airport Shuttle

Have a flight back home and staying in San Ignacio? No problem. With Valdez Shuttle you can book your San Ignacio to Airport shuttle at an economic price. Getting you there promptly to check-in for your flight.

Reason’s to Choose Valdez Shuttle Service

Affordability and Reliability are what we’ve built our service on. Ride with us on your Belize vacation in one of our well maintained and air-conditioned Sedan, SUV, or Van. Valdez Belize Shuttle Service steer its business with well experience drivers that has been serving the roads of Belize for over 8 years. We pride ourselves with our flexibility, and multiple destinations; we provide Belize shuttle service to every corner of this little country.

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Spectacular Services

Unique services in the Shuttle Industry. With our experience within the shuttle service industry we’ve acknowledge the need for exceptional service. Well, with that in mind, Valdez Shuttle Service ensured that you our customers encounter a comfortable, safe, and trustworthy Belize shuttle service experience.

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Multiple Shuttle Destinations

We take you places. Despite our Belize shuttle service located in San Ignacio town we’ve been servicing many destinations in Belize. In the light of that, we’d like to inform you of the destinations we service to/from San Ignacio. Which are Placencia Village, Belize International Airport, Belize Water Taxi Terminals, Hopkins Village, Dangriga, and Corozal.

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Convenient stops based on your needs. Flexibility very important in today’s service industry. For that reason, Valdez Belize Shuttle Service offers both Private Shuttle Service for Couples or Groups to: San Ignacio, Placencia, Hopkins and Dangriga to name a few. In addition, our private shuttle guest has the leisure to make desired stops for sightseeing along their route. On the other hand, we provide the shared shuttle where you may experience some level of waiting time.

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